What the hell?

Nick, 19, SMU, Computer Science and International Business. And Asian Film of all sorts.

I’ve never been more happy to purchase someone a gift. <3 

Ring Engraving

N mai <3 M

having only 10 characters is difficult x] but i have the exact message i wanted :]

Christmas present/1 year Anniversary present ordered and on it’s way. My first Cartier purchase :] Cartier Love Collection single diamond Rose Gold 

Mom met the BF

after nine months, i figured i’d let my mom meet minh. went to the Meyerson and saw a violin concerto, things went well  :] glad got that over with. One thing introducing your parents to your heterosexual partner, another introducing your gay bf to your parents….but I have a liberal mom :] yea!

Data Structures

I just don’t care anymore, its so confusing :[ That’s why i chose to spend the day shopping and having a nice little date with Minh :]

$70 CK shirt for $12 (Minh got one too)
Then Minh went into Ralph Lauren Children store to by cheap X-large sizes that fit him. $11 for Ralph Lauren -__- cause he bought “kids” clothing

Then $30 worth of food at Spring Creek for $13 because I stole all of Zach K. coupons when we worked over the summer. 

Shopping+Date+lots of food > Data Structures lab that you will fail anyways

Credit Cards

Paid off :D credit score up 48 points. no debt. new school year. Time to save money :]]]